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Data-Driven Student Engagement

Our AI provides students with individualized plans to help them grow.

Get the right resource to the right person at the right time.

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Get the right resource...

We host the best step-by-step plans for time management, study success, sleep, mental health, and socializing. More importantly, we add and promote all the resources you've created at your college or university.

2 the right student...

We use a quick, valid, and reliable assessment of personality, demographics, habits, and goals so we can treat each student as an individual. There's no longer any need to lump students into groups...the AI can do much better than that!

3 the right time.

Even with fantastic resources and advice, students are hard to engage. Their courses, friends, and problems take precedence - as they should. We give students what they need when they want it. No later. No sooner.

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"As a first-generation college student, ... having an app like Trees is very helpful because it can guide students that are first-generation on how to adjust to their new environment."
- Cal Poly Student
"The huge variety [of topics present on the app] is still wowing me - from note taking skills to fitness tips to COVID to sleep schedules to study habits.”
- Cal Poly Student
"I think an app like this is great for keeping track of progress and sticking to goals. The plans were easy to navigate and fun to complete."
- Cal Poly Student
Helping students transition to and through university uses machine learning to connect questionnaire responses with plan ratings. This allows the app to give each user individualized, quantitatively-proven plans.
Reach underserved portions of your student population

We ask about students personality, habits, and demographics via our empirically-derived questionnaire, then machine learning links students to resources and action plans that have worked for people like them. Student ratings continually improve these matches.

Understand where to invest university funds

Trees connects action plans to students who need them most. Specific action plans are designed for, created, and evaluated by students from underserved and at-risk groups, and have been validated by student success professionals.

Personalized plans for each student

Our Admin Dashboard can break data into various demographics, showing users, questions, and popular and well-rated action plans, so that institutions and administrators can identify what resources students need and when.

"We need to get the right resources, information, and support to the right student at the right time—The Trees app has the potential to fill that need, institution-wide."

- John N. Gardner (Gardner Institute)