Data-Driven Student Engagement

Our AI provides students with individualized plans to help them grow.
Get the right resource to the right person at the right time.
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Get the right resource...

We host the best step-by-step plans for time management, study success, sleep, mental health, and socializing. More importantly, we add and promote all the resources you've created at your college or university.

STEP 2: the right student...

We use a quick, valid, and reliable assessment of personality, demographics, habits, and goals so we can treat each student as an individual. There's no longer any need to lump students into groups...the AI can do much better than that!

STEP 3: the right time.

Even with fantastic resources and advice, students are hard to engage. Their courses, friends, and problems take precedence - as they should. We give students what they need when they want it. No later. No sooner.

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The Future of Student Success

Despite updates to student needs, the environment, and technological possibilities, the delivery mechanisms for student success resources have remained pretty static, until now.


Sometimes I'm dumb. People are clever. Here's how we'll use that to benefit everyone.

Every Now and Then...

Life feels different when you're doing what's right for you. New tech can enable this for more and more of us.

"We need to get the right resources, information, and support to the right student at the right time—The Trees app has the potential to fill that need, institution-wide."
- John N. Gardner of the Gardner Institute (